From an early age, I was taught to be a hard worker, respect all people around me because one never knows what impact they can make to our lives at a later stage, and to never give up no matter how difficult or bumpy the road ahead of me gets.

Most importantly, I was taught, there is no such word as “failure” and under no circumstances Give up on Me ….

I am a mother of 2 amazing son’s, and I taught both my boys these same lessons, as well as urged them to make their own choices, whether the outcome was the correct choice or not, and to use these choices as a learning curb, and to always know that there is no such word as “failure” no matter what their choices, and  never give up on themselves.

Through out my life I have worn many hats, however the older I get, I realized that my inspiration, my passion and my purpose is assisting all men and women to Re-Balance their health & wellness.

I am a;

My life, has been all about learning and gathering knowledge, as well as meeting so many wonderful like-minded entrepreneurs and business women and I am amazed by the lessons, guidance and inspiration they shared with me.

I have never given up learning as “Knowledge is Power”,  and I have kept an open mind, listened and learnt from constructive criticism, that has assisted me to focus and become a stronger and better person.

My Dream and Amazing Journey
My Passion, My Purpose and My Inspiration

We all know that as a small business owner, the journey can be a very lonely & isolated one, however if your health is not balanced, then how can your business & personal life be balanced?

As a Nutritional Therapist & Living Well Coach, my focus is on Health, Wellness & Business Matters, not only to inspire you to live a healthy & balanced lifestyle, but also give you the passion & purpose in finding that Re-Balance for you & your business.

Semon Elliott
Nutrition and Wellness Coach

My INSPIRATION is to assist you to live a healthy & Re-Balanced lifestyle, but also to give you the PASSION & PURPOSE to empower you to find that Re-Balance for you & your business.

Never Regret a day in your Life…    Good Days give you happiness…    Bad Days give you experience …


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