At times, do you have the feeling of not been quite like yourself, perhaps this feeling has lasted a day or two, or even stuck around a bit longer than need be.

Maybe you have that feeling of being totally unbalanced, eating and sleep patterns disrupted, stressed out and anxious, with low energy levels, and even have that feeling, that you have lost a part of yourself along the way?

When this occurs, it would seem that the connection between the mind, body and soul has been disrupted and unbalanced, thus having a negative impact on the entire body.
Why Work with Semon?
As a certified Holistic Women Empowerment Life Coach & Work Life Balance Coach, Nutritionist and Healing Therapist, my passion is to assist you to transform your life to achieve your health & wellness balance.

Remember, it is perfectly fine, to take time out for yourself, as every now and then we need to stop, breathe and have some “me time”, to refocus, relax, reset and rebalance the total you.


Holistic Coaching

Transform your life and better undertand your motivations, your values and beliefs, stimulate your mind and body to feel empowered, remove negative aspects of your life and build good habits, have a growth mindset with personal improvement from the inside out, to achieve balanced health and wellness in all areas of your life.

Healing Therapy

This is a harmonising, non-invasive and relaxation therapy, with benefits, such as improved physical health, increased emotional stability, enhanced mental clarity, maintaining optimal health and well-being.

Stop, breathe, and take a bit of time out, to relax, reset and rebalance the mind, body and soul.

Nutritional Therapy

We take a holistic view of your health, to determine what the body requires for optimal health, as well as assist you to re-fuel the body with all the right foods and find the best health and wellness routines that will work for you.

Sports Nutrition

Good nutrition can help enhance the athletic performance, by understanding the practical science of fuelling the body before, during and after exercies, for effective training, improved recovery, to enchance performance goals.

Client Feedback

I had such an amazing morning with Semon, doing the Self Reflection, My Self Portrait Workshop, Wow I learnt so much about myself and it was very interesting.
Jenny Smith - Pretoria
The Healing Therapy session, was so intereting and I felt so relaxed after the session, could not help but book a second session.
Vicky Mathews - Pretoria
The Self Reflection, My Self Portrait Workshop, was so much fun, but also a great way to discover me - what an eye opener.
Jenna Donovan - Pretoria
Done a great QS Session with Semon, she was very patient and listerned to everything I had so say, with no judgement at all. Thank you so much for all your help.
Diana Philips - Pretoria
Thank you so much, the QS session has been most helpful, especially when I am in sticky situations that have triggered fear and stress.
Amanda Knowels - Pretoria
A great QS Session with Semon, no judgement, she listerned and allowed me to talk, and as we worked through the session, all become so much clearly about my fears and triggers that I experience daily.
Angalene van der Berg - Pretoria


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If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your health care provider.
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